My open-air games at the farm and our Sunday family walks in the fields have left a permanent attachment to countryside. Daughter and granddaughter of farmers, I have a boundless respect for them who work the land.  Ne Pleure Plus buys seasonal and local ingredients and supports organic Danish and French producers who farm in better respect for the nature.

Organic and biodynamic vegetables/ fruits/ meat – Birkemosegård →

Sustainable caught fish – Kutteren HM800 Jammerbugt from Thorupstrand Fisk →

Organic eggs/ meat – Hegnsholt →

Sourdough bread – Bageriet BRØD   facebook page →

Organic wines from Bordeaux – wine importer La Barrique Verte →

Organic wines – wine shop Vintro →

Moussende Æblevin – Nagelsbjerg Vin →